Data-Driven Marketing Day East

June 4, 2018 – June 4, 2018


Is your business or industry data-rich but knowledge-poor?

Welcome to the club. Thanks to digital technology, we have been able to collect a vast amount of data. Putting this data to good use is still a challenge for many.

With great data comes great responsibility. As the traditionally customer-centric business function, marketing is increasingly becoming data-driven. Learning how to leverage “big data” responsibly is a top priority for many businesses.

Join us in June 2018 for the first Data-Driven Marketing Day in New York City. With high-level content, disruptive solution providers, and enhanced networking opportunities, this one-day event promises to provide you with the knowledge you need to leverage the power of data responsibly.

This is not just another “Marketing” event. Spaces are reserved for the best in the business. Apply to attend here!


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